Residential Solar Panels Harness Electricity, Gets Rid of Monthly Bill

The unofficial start of summer is here, and that means the temperatures will be soaring upwards – an investment into residential solar panels will get rid of electricity bills and you can stay cool all summer and warm all winter. Lifetime Solar is the premier residential solar panel energy installer in the Midwest.

What’s the first step in deciding if you should invest in residential solar panels? The cost of installing solar depends on the size of system you need to offset your monthly electric bills. The first questions are always, how much are you currently paying per month and how much of your current electric bill do you want to offset with solar?

Most homeowners will make an investment in residential solar panels ranging between $15,000 to $30,000 to eliminate 100% of their electrical usage. Larger homes and those that use electricity to heat and cool their homes, use more electricity and have higher electric bills that require a larger solar investment, but their savings are also greater.

The U.S. federal government allows homeowners that install residential solar panels to claim a dollar-for-dollar credit off their income tax burden. The federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) is based on the cost of the solar power system and equal to 30 percent of this amount for eligible properties. Some states and electric utility companies provide additional credits, rebates or other incentives above and beyond the ITC. These further reduce the cost of your solar system and shorten your return on investment.

Our Lifetime Solar team will identify all tax credits, rebates and other incentives available that will allow our customers the fastest payback possible. Lifetime Solar has several dedicated lenders we work with on a daily basis to get their residential solar panels installed. This means we do all the lending leg-work and there is no need for you to contact your personal bank unless you prefer. Typically, our customers pay for their systems through a 100% loan that they secure through one of our lenders.

Lifetime Solar is your Midwest solar power system installer. We are licensed and insured and have over a decade of experience. With thousands of systems installed, we offer a manufacturer’s warranty (25 years on solar panels), on all parts we supply, and a five-year workmanship warranty. If you are considering residential or commercial solar for your home or business, please call( 888) 477.8869, email [email protected], or visit our website: https://lifetimesolar.wpengine.com.


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