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Our Home Solar Panels Include The Lifetime Solar Difference

When it comes to home solar panels, our Lifetime Solar Difference sets the standard in terms of quality, accuracy, and ease.  Installing home solar panels can be overwhelming as a homeowner, but here at Lifetime Solar, we want to help you save money, time, and any confusion as we walk you through the steps of switching to [...]

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Manufacturer Provides Electricity During Power Outages For Home Solar Panels

Lifetime Solar customers often ask whether they will have the ability to have electricity with home solar panels during a power outage.  Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, the answer has always been no.  All grid-tied inverters are designed to automatically shut down during a grid outage to prevent the system from generating electricity that could [...]

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Residential Solar Panels Harness Electricity, Gets Rid of Monthly Bill

The unofficial start of summer is here, and that means the temperatures will be soaring upwards – an investment into residential solar panels will get rid of electricity bills and you can stay cool all summer and warm all winter. Lifetime Solar is the premier residential solar panel energy installer in the Midwest. What’s the [...]

MONOCRYSTALLINE VS. POLYCRYSTALLINE- Which Solar Panels Are Right For Your Home Or Business?

Today, two types of solar panels dominating the U.S. market - monocrystalline and polycrystalline. Both function in the exact same way, capturing light from the sun and turning it into electricity. Both are made from silicon, which is abundant and very durable. Both mono and poly solar panels can be good choices for your home [...]