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Simple. Powerful. Farm. Solar.

Small family farms, and large agricultural businesses gain a competitive edge with solar.

American-Made Panels | Zero-Down | Lower Monthly Electric Bill

Whether you operate a small family farm or a large chicken or hog operation, solar panels save families and businesses thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs. Our farm and agricultural industry customers typically see a return on investment (ROI) in the first 4-6 years, at an 18% or greater return rate. Compare that to the stock or futures markets.

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Turn-Key Installation For A Seamless Solar Experience

No Work, No Hidden Costs, Sit Back And Relax

Lifetime Solar is your full-service solar installation company in the Midwest. With in-house design, financing, engineering, and service teams, we manage every aspect of your solar install with exceptional and professional sales and customer service.

The Solar Process

Where and What We Install

Your Midwest Premier Solar Installer

We install American-Made solar panel systems for homes, business and industries, from 5 KW to 950 KW and above. Lifetime Solar is your leading midwest solar installer. With in-house installers in Missouri, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma, we install American-Made solar panel systems for businesses and industries, from 40kW to over 500kW.

Utility Savings that Grow by Year

Less-Expensive Energy Source

Realtime System Monitoring

Outstanding Customer Service

Premium Quality Farm Solar Panels

An outstanding solar experience

Second to none. Our American-Made solar panels are also designed to withstand high concentrations of ammonia typcially associated with hog and chicken farms. This gives our farm customers the piece of mind to know their system will perform at the highest levels regardless of conditions.

Embrace Your Solar Future

Solar is now an Economic Reality

Solar is no longer just an environmental dream, it’s an economic reality for hundreds of thousands of farms and agricultural industries throughout the Midwest. Day-one economic savings now allow our customers to generate their energy for less than what their electric company charges. Do not allow your competitors to gain an economic advantage.
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