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Home Solar Panel Installation Makes Sense For All Seasons

When is the best time for home solar panel installation? Always! It doesn’t matter what season it is, because one your panels are installed, you start being more energy efficient. If you planted an apple tree, you wouldn’t expect a bushel of apples the first year, and the same applies to home solar panel installation [...]

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Residential Solar Panels Harness Electricity, Gets Rid of Monthly Bill

The unofficial start of summer is here, and that means the temperatures will be soaring upwards – an investment into residential solar panels will get rid of electricity bills and you can stay cool all summer and warm all winter. Lifetime Solar is the premier residential solar panel energy installer in the Midwest. What’s the [...]

The Price of Residential Solar Panels at ALL TIME LOW

Source: https://www.energy.gov/articles/6-charts-will-make-you-optimistic-about-america-s-clean-energy-future The cost of residential solar panels have declined significantly in recent years, and now sit at their lowest point in over 30 years. Thanks to advanced technology improvements, commercial and residential solar panels are more affordable than other forms of clean electricity, like wind, and conventional forms, like natural gas and [...]