How Durable are Residential Solar Panels?

Our team at Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable, and durable residential solar panels right here in Kansas City, and the surround metro area.  Many energy-conscious consumers are searching for sustainable energy-saving methods for their homes (which now include solar panels), but the biggest question asked is, how durable are residential solar panels?

The good news is that residential solar panel technology has evolved over the years and are now designed and engineered to be highly resistant to all weather conditions, including hail. In fact, standardized industry tests ensure all solar panels can withstand harsh climates and weather, including widely fluctuating temperature ranges, humidity, hail/wind damage from violent storms, and increased solar ultraviolet (UV) radiation.

In fact, all our panels meet or exceed international standards of withstanding the impact of a 1” hailstone, traveling 50 mph!  The added benefit of angled installation decreases the risk of hail damage as well and with the help of solid state technology, our silicon-based solar panels perform reliably up to 40+ years as there are no moving parts.  This allows our residential solar panels to have little-to-no maintenance, increasing their durability and longevity, a must-have when it comes to sustainable energy sources.

Kansas City and the surrounding metro areas know exactly how unpredictable the weather can be, and so can your electricity!  Our best-in-class solar panels from the U.S. and Germany  are designed to withstand harsh weather and include industry leading inverters, durable racking and wiring, all to provide robust, reliable power to you, the consumer.

The best option for residential solar panels are Monocrystalline panels, made of silicon, which capture light and convert it to electricity. Each monocrystalline panel has a cell composed of a single crystal, allowing electrons to move freely, generating more electricity and making them a more efficient source of energy.  Recognized by their black appearance, monocrystalline panels have a black glass/frame, and are the more aesthetically pleasing option for residential homeowners and HOA’s, as they tend to blend seamlessly into the roofline.  These are also a great choice for homeowners with limited roof space.  Because of the high efficiency, you don’t need as many panels.

Lifetime Solar Panels are Durable in ANY Weather Condition

The Lifetime Solar 5-year service warranty is added above and beyond the 25 year performance/5 year workmanship manufacturer warranty, allowing you peace of mind, with a dedicated team along the way. As one of the Midwest’s largest solar panel installers, we at Lifetime Solar can help you determine whether you qualify for residential solar panels, and then choose which kind will suit your needs and budget.  Contact us today for your free consultation and free estimate, or call us at 1 (888) 477-8869 to speak with our experts about installing residential solar panels on your home today!

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