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Simple. Powerful. Commercial. Solar.

Reduce monthly electricity costs, increase operating budgets, generate customer recognition.

Predictable, Affordable, Energy Costs

Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing commercial solar panels systems for businesses and industries that reduce current electricity costs, secure a locked-in monthly payment, and generate customer recognition.

Our Industrial and Commercial solar panels customers typically see a return on investment (ROI) in the first 4-6 years, at an 18% or greater rate.

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A Single, Seamless Business Solar Panel Experience

Lifetime Solar is your one-stop shop for solar in the midwest. With in-house design, engineering, construction and service teams, we manage every aspect of your Commercial solar panels installation with exceptional and professional customer service.

The Solar Process

Where and What We Install

Lifetime Solar is your leading midwest solar installer. With in-house installers in Missouri, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma, we install solar power systems for businesses and industries large and small, from 40kW to over 500kW.

Why Rent Electricity When You Can Own the Power Plant?

(Your Company Name Here) Electric Co.

When your business goes solar, you take the first step towards predictable monthly electricity charges that are lower than what your company currently pays now. Solar energy allows your business to hedge against future electrical rate increases, demand charges and unpredictable time-of-use rates for decades to come.

You also may take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit and 5-year depreciation that allow you to reduce your return on investment (ROI), often times, to under 6 years.

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We Make Solar Easy

Lifetime Solar provides in-house design, finance, construction and service teams that manage all facets of your Commercial solar panels installation. Our professional sales, engineering, and construction team members are second to none.

Site Assessment & Financing Engineering & Design  |  Permitting & Construction |  Inspection & Interconnection Operations & Maintenance

The Solar Process
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