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What’s New at Lifetime Solar

How Residential Solar Panels Will Save You Money

The decision to install residential solar panels is made knowing that there will be an initial investment, however, switching to solar energy will save you money over time.  Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable, [...]

Our Home Solar Panels Include The Lifetime Solar Difference

When it comes to home solar panels, our Lifetime Solar Difference sets the standard in terms of quality, accuracy, and ease.  Installing home solar panels can be overwhelming as a homeowner, but here at Lifetime Solar, we [...]

Energy Efficient Solar Panels Really Saves You Money

One of the questions that most homeowners ask is, “Can energy efficient solar panels really save me money?” At Lifetime Solar, our answer is YES! The exact savings for your home depends upon many factors [...]

How Durable are Residential Solar Panels?

Our team at Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable, and durable residential solar panels right here in Kansas City, and the surround metro area.  Many energy-conscious consumers are searching for sustainable energy-saving [...]

Solar Panel Installation: Five Reasons To Use A Professional

If you have decided that solar panel installation is the eco conscious way to go to lower energy bills at your home, business, or farm, the next step is deciding whether to hire professionals or [...]

There Are Many Factors To Consider Before Buying Home Solar Panels

Buying home solar panels is an effective way to reduce your energy bill and insure yourself against the rising electricity prices. You will also have less impact on the environment by decreasing your carbon emissions. [...]