Our Home Solar Panels Include The Lifetime Solar Difference

When it comes to home solar panels, our Lifetime Solar Difference sets the standard in terms of quality, accuracy, and ease.  Installing home solar panels can be overwhelming as a homeowner, but here at Lifetime Solar, we want to help you save money, time, and any confusion as we walk you through the steps of switching to solar energy.

Our in-house solar service includes managing all aspects of your home solar panels, including assessment, production, and installation with complete oversight and seamless transition to solar energy.  This turn-key process guides you from beginning to end, providing quality assurance while delivering an exceptional solar ownership experience.

With the Lifetime Solar Experience, your home solar panels are constructed by professional designers who are up-to-date with the newest technologies and components available on the market today.  All our home solar panels are designed with the highest engineering standards for optimum energy production today, and for decades to come.

Our premium components and materials are best-in-class solar modules from the U.S. and Germany with leading industry inverters, and durable wiring/racking systems.  We strive to install quality, leading technology, giving you long-term durability and peace of mind.  Lifetime Solar home solar panels are designed in-house from an initial concept based on your free consultation.  Then, our experienced engineers finalize the customized design for optimal and reliable solar production, all while withstanding the harsh weather conditions of the Midwest.

You can be at ease with home solar panels, as our Lifetime Solar Difference includes an in-house 5 year service warranty, above and beyond the solar component 25 year warranty!  We also offer real-time 24 hour, 7 days/week monitoring, accessible through any web-enabled device, so you can monitor your power production from anywhere.

Make sure to schedule your FREE consultation today!  Our financing incentives are available, through federal and state rebates, and our various lenders to ensure the lowest interest rates possible, with no pre-payment penalties.  It’s not too late to start saving your family money today by installing home solar panels!  Contact us today by calling (888) 477-8869 with any questions you may have.

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