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Simple. Powerful. Residential. Solar.

Reduce your electricity costs, Lock-in your monthly payment.

Zero Down, Turn-Key Solar Power Systems

Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable residential solar panels power systems. With zero down options, locked-in monthly rates and no pre-payment penalty, going solar is simple.

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We Make Residential Solar Panels Installation Easy

Lifetime Solar provides in-house design, finance, construction and service teams that manage all facets of your residential solar panels installation. Our professional solar panel installers, sales, engineering, and construction team members are second to none.

The Solar Process

Where and What We Install

Lifetime Solar is your leading midwest solar installer.  With in-house installers in Missouri, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Kansas, Nebraska and Oklahoma, we install solar power systems for residences large and small, from 5kW to over 50kW.

Why Lifetime Solar?

In-House Solar Service

We manage every aspect of your solar installation in-house for an exceptional and seamless experience.

Incentives & Financing

We stay current with the latest tax credits, rebates and incentives to give you a best-in-class solar system at the best price in the industry.

5-Year Service Warranty

We stand by our construction because we install your solar system ourselves.  That allows us to offer our own warranty above & beyond the component manufacturer warranties.

Q: How durable are residential solar panels and will hail cause damage?

Solar panels are engineered to be highly resistant to all weather conditions. Damage from hail is extremely rare. All our solar panels are manufactured to meet or exceed international standards of withstanding the impact of a one-inch diameter hail stone traveling at 50 mph. The angled installation of the panels also minimizes the risk from hail damage.


Q: How do I maintain my solar system?

Solar panel technology is simple, sturdy and efficient. As a solid-state technology, solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require very little, if any, maintenance.  Annual service may include cleaning the panels and possibly checking the connections. Lifetime Solar conducts Operations & Maintenance (O&M) checks on the systems we sell through the monitoring system we provide with every install. This allows us to remotely monitor your system for proper functionality.
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