Manufacturer Provides Electricity During Power Outages For Home Solar Panels

Lifetime Solar customers often ask whether they will have the ability to have electricity with home solar panels during a power outage.  Unfortunately, due to safety concerns, the answer has always been no.  All grid-tied inverters are designed to automatically shut down during a grid outage to prevent the system from generating electricity that could accidentally electrocute utility linemen. The only option for home solar panel customers has been to purchase a generator or battery backup, both of which come with significant price tags.

Now all of that has changed with home solar panels – Lifetime Solar recently partnered with inverter manufacturer SMA to supply their Secure Power Supply (SPS) system as an option on every home solar panel system we install. SMA’s SPS does something that no other solar inverter can – provide power during a grid outage! Unlike any other inverter on the market, during a power outage, your SMA inverter will redirect your home solar panel electricity to a standard plugin outlet, and it costs around five percent compared to installing a generator.

The innovative SMA SPS can provide up to 2,000 watts of electricity to the dedicated standard plugin outlet, while keeping your home solar panel system fully code compliant. The outlet can be used to run electrical items like lights, heaters, fans, cell phones, and even small electrical appliances during a power outage. No other grid-tied inverter has the capability to assist you and your family through a power outage. Lifetime Solar is your authorized installer.

Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable home solar power systems. With zero down options, locked-in monthly rates and no pre-payment penalty, going solar is simple.

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