Solar Panel Installation Saves Money for Families, Businesses, and Farms

Whether you operate a small family farm or a large chicken or hog operation, solar panel installation will save families, businesses, and farms thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs. Farm and agricultural industry customers typically see a return on investment in the first four to six years, at an 18% or greater return rate. Lifetime Solar also does solar panel installation for residential and business customers.

Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable home solar power systems. With zero down options, locked-in monthly rates and no pre-payment penalty, going with solar panel installation is simple. Solar panel technology is simple, sturdy and efficient. As a solid-state technology, solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require very little, if any, maintenance.

The cost of solar panel installation depends on the size of system you need to offset your monthly electric bills. The first questions are always, how much are you currently paying per month and how much of your current electric bill do you want to offset with solar?

When your business goes with solar panel installation, you take the first step towards predictable monthly electricity charges that are lower than what your company currently pays now. Solar energy allows your business to hedge against future electrical rate increases, demand charges and unpredictable time-of-use rates for decades to come.

Solar Panel Installation Saves Money For Families, Businesses, and Farms

Lifetime Solar provides in-house design, finance, construction and service teams that manage all facets of your solar panel installation. Our professional sales, engineering, and construction team members are second to none and work through the entire process with you and your business.

When farms decided to go with solar panel installation, the American-made solar panels are designed to withstand high concentrations of ammonia typically associated with hog and chicken farms. This gives farm customers the peace of mind to know their system will perform at the highest levels regardless of conditions.

Solar panel installation is no longer just an environmental dream, it’s an economic reality for hundreds of thousands of farms and agricultural industries throughout the Midwest. Day one economic savings now allows customers to generate their energy for less than what their electric company charges.

Lifetime Solar is your Midwest solar power system installer. We are licensed and insured and have over a decade of experience. With thousands of systems installed, we offer a manufacturer’s warranty (25 years on solar panels), on all parts we supply, and a five-year workmanship warranty. If you are considering residential or commercial solar for your home or business, please call (888) 477-8869, email [email protected], or visit our website: https://lifetimesolar.wpengine.com.

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