Our Home Solar Panels Include The Lifetime Solar Difference

When it comes to home solar panels, our Lifetime Solar Difference sets the standard in terms of quality, accuracy, and ease.  Installing home solar panels can be overwhelming as a homeowner, but here at Lifetime Solar, we want to help you save money, time, and any confusion as we walk you through the steps of switching to [...]

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What You Should Know About Solar Panel Installation And Lifetime Solar

Lifetime Solar specializes in business, residential, agricultural, farm and commercial solar panel installation. Customers save thousands of dollars in reduced energy costs. Lifetime Solar’s American-made solar panels provide a return on investment in the first four to six years, at an 18% or greater return rate - compare that to the stock market. Lifetime Solar [...]

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Regular Cleaning Helps Maintain Commercial Solar Panels and Ensures Maximum Power

As a business person, you know the importance of quality workmanship, both in the products and services you produce as well as the ones you purchase, especially when you have had commercial solar panels installed. Regular solar cleaning helps maintain a well-functioning solar system and ensures maximum power (kW) output and savings in your pocket. [...]

Commercial Solar Panel Installation Makes Sense For Businesses

Commercial solar panel installation for building owners is easier because of the fact that the commercial buildings can typically handle a larger solar panel system size, and benefit from a lower per kilowatt-installed rate. Another reason commercial businesses would benefit from commercial solar panel installation is that the businesses tend to stay in one building [...]