Solar Panel Installation: Five Reasons To Use A Professional

If you have decided that solar panel installation is the eco conscious way to go to lower energy bills at your home, business, or farm, the next step is deciding whether to hire professionals or do it yourself. DIY kits are available that may be relatively easy to install, but even if you have electrical construction experience and are confident in your ability, there are five good reasons why professional solar panel installation with Lifetime Solar is a superior option.


Residential and business solar panel installation typically require a lot of ladders and rooftop work. If you’re accustomed to climbing and working at heights, you definitely have an edge here, but most homeowners lack the experience and training to do so safely. More importantly, solar panel installation requires connecting to your main power supply, which can be deadly if not done correctly. At Lifetime Solar, our installers have the training and experience to safely deliver quality installations that meet the highest construction standards available within project deadlines. 


Professional solar panel installation can be more expensive than doing it yourself, but you aren’t just paying for labor, you’re investing in equipment that will serve you for many years. Professionals have access to solar panels that are not sold in DIY kits. From best-in-class solar modules from the U.S. and Germany, to industry leading inverters, and durable racking and wiring, Lifetime Solar strives to install premier quality components that utilize the best technologies available on the market today, so that proven long-term durability and performance are your piece-of-mind. 

Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing effortless, attractive, affordable home solar power systems. With zero down options, locked-in monthly rates and no prepayment penalty, going solar is simple. We stay current with the latest tax credits, rebates and incentives to give you a best-in-class solar system at the best price in the industry.

Warranty and Service

At its core, solar technology is simple, reliable and efficient. As a solid-state technology, solar panels have no moving parts and require very little, if any, maintenance. Annual service can include cleaning the panel surface and checking connections. The Lifetime Solar team conducts Operations & Maintenance (O&M) checks on the systems we sell through the monitoring system we provide with every install. This allows us to remotely monitor your system for proper functionality and perform annual and corrective maintenance as required. We stand by our installations, which is why we offer an in-house five-year service warranty on your solar panel installation. Our solar components also carry warranty options up to 25 years. Silicon solar panels are a tried and true technology that have been shown to perform reliably for 40 years or more.

Connect To the Grid

If you go with professional solar panel installation, you can connect to the grid. This means not only that you can still use energy from your utility company if the solar panels don’t entirely meet your needs, but that it works in reverse as well. When your solar panel system produces more electricity than you need, your electric meter will run in reverse, selling power back to your electric company. It’s a beautiful thing.

Design and Engineering

When you choose Lifetime Solar for your solar panel installation, your system is designed in-house from an initial concept based on your FREE consultation. Our engineers, drawing on years of solar experience, finalize the design to optimize solar production for your home or business. Our systems are designed to withstand the harsh weather conditions of the Midwest while providing robust and reliable power production. You can’t get that from a DIY kit. 

Lifetime Solar manages all aspects of your solar power system installation in-house, providing you with a turn-key process that is seamless from beginning to end. By keeping everything in-house, from design, finance to install and customer service, we can provide quality assurances and deliver an exceptional solar ownership experience.

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