Regular Cleaning Helps Maintain Commercial Solar Panels and Ensures Maximum Power

As a business person, you know the importance of quality workmanship, both in the products and services you produce as well as the ones you purchase, especially when you have had commercial solar panels installed. Regular solar cleaning helps maintain a well-functioning solar system and ensures maximum power (kW) output and savings in your pocket. Set up a regular service plan and save double: Save on your power bill and save on the cost of solar panel cleaning.

When your business goes solar, you take the first step towards predictable monthly electricity charges that are lower than what your company currently pays now. Solar energy allows your business to hedge against future electrical rate increases, demand charges and unpredictable time-of-use rates for decades to come.

Commercial solar panel technology is simple, sturdy and efficient. As a solid-state technology, commercial solar panels have no moving parts and therefore require very little, if any, maintenance.  Annual service may include cleaning the panels and possibly checking the connections. Lifetime Solar conducts Operations & Maintenance (O&M) checks on the systems we sell through the monitoring system we provide with every install. This allows Lifetime Solar to remotely monitor your system for proper functionality.

Annual check-ups of your solar power system ensure maximum performance. Panels can become dirty, reducing production by as much as 20%. Also, shading that was not present at the time of installation can occur over time and significantly affect performance. With some systems, shading on one panel can reduce the performance of the entire system.

Lifetime Solar is dedicated to installing solar panel systems for businesses and industries that reduce current electricity costs, secure a locked-in monthly payment, and generate customer recognition.

Lifetime Solar offers complete operations and maintenance services on all our solar installations. All commercial solar panel power systems are connected to an up-to-the minute monitoring system, accessible from any web-enabled device. Additionally, the customer service team is standing by ready to assist you with any questions or needs.

Lifetime Solar is your Midwest solar power system installer. We are licensed and insured and have over a decade of experience. With thousands of systems installed, we offer a manufacturer’s warranty (25 years on solar panels), on all parts we supply, and a five-year workmanship warranty. If you are considering residential or commercial solar for your home or business, please call (888) 477.8869, email [email protected], or visit our website: https://lifetimesolar.wpengine.com.

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