Residential Solar Panel Installation Saves Money

Recently, a financial adviser with John Deere decided to research the profitability of a residential solar panel installation in the southwest region of Olathe, Kansas. As a financial adviser, he knew he had to have a sound investment model for evaluation and comparison and so he chose the rent vs. own scenario. Could he financially justify “ renting” electricity from the electricity company with a higher payment and  ever increasing rates or “own” his electricity for less per month and eventually have no payment, with a reasonable upfront investment?

This homeowner and financial adviser decided that a residential solar panel installation in his Olathe, Kansas, home was the right course of action. He contacted us, Lifetime Solar, and this is what we did for him.

As with any new project, first we evaluate the current situation and devise a build plan that will meet the client’s needs and goals. We evaluated the space available on his property and discussed his current usage. Since his goal was to be 100% solar powered, we knew we would need optimal vantage and space.

The residential solar panel installation ended up being 72 feet long and 10 feet from front to back. The panels sloped at 29 degrees to maximize solar production. Our engineers, drawing on years of solar experience, designed the plan to include the harsh weather conditions of the Midwest while providing robust and reliable power production. A long electrical run from the solar power system to the home allowed the system to be placed out of sight. An up-sized electrical cable was used between the house and the system to eliminate voltage drops. We always use premium quality direct burial cable, but we also ran it in conduit for additional protection since the system is designed to operate for the next 40+ years.

The customer paid cash, $37,000 for the residential solar panel installation, with a $11,000 tax credit, and he can expect a 5-to-6 year return on his investment. That means that after the ROI period, the customer will enjoy 19-20 years of electricity production under warranty and an additional 15+ years of solar panel life expectancy. From start to finish, and after initial meetings and planning, this project took three days to complete. We used 52 panels, with 280 W with a 25-year performance warranty. APS micro-inverters were used, also with a 25-year warranty, and the steel structure construction was made with three-foot concrete footings and a 5-year workmanship warranty. We stand by our installations, which is why we offer an in-house five-year service warranty on your solar installation.

Lifetime Solar is your Midwest solar power system installer. We are licensed and insured, and have over a decade of experience. With thousands of systems installed, we offer a manufacturer’s warranty (25 years on solar panels), on all parts we supply, and a 5-year workmanship warranty. If you are considering residential or commercial solar for your home or business, please call (888) 477-889, email [email protected], or visit our website https://lifetimesolar.wpengine.com.

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