Energy Efficient Solar Panels and Five More Ways to Save Electricity

As part of our Lifetime Solar comprehensive turn-key energy efficient solar panels system installation, we work with our customers to educate them ways to lower their electricity bill. After the solar panel system is installed there are a number of things you can do, every day, to keep your home’s energy efficiency. Beyond turning off lights when you leave a room, we thought we would share Lifetime Solar’s top five ways to save even more money once your energy efficient solar panels are installed.

1) Install a Smart Thermostat – If you do not already have one, you should consider buying a Smart thermostat (i.e., NEST, Lyric, etc.). Your purchase will set you back between $150-$200, but you will make your money back the first year once energy efficient solar panels are installed.  Without a Smart thermostat, you are wasting money every month on heating and cooling costs. Smart thermostats monitor your home’s temperature at all times and make temperature adjustments to match your schedule. For example, if you are at work all day, the Smart thermostat will automatically adjust your home’s temperature several degrees (six to eight or more).  During the summer, cooling your home can account for over 30 percent of your electric bill.

2) Run your large appliances during sunny hours of the day.  Energy efficient solar panel system owners can save even more money when they run their washing machine, dryer and dishwasher only during sunny hours of the day. During a sunny day, the energy efficient solar panel power system will create electricity that can be used to operate the homeowner’s washing machine, dryer and dishwasher.  Running those appliances on energy efficient solar panels uses solar electricity that would likely otherwise be sent back to the electric company for a credit.

3) Use energy-efficient light bulbs – Energy-efficient LED bulbs not only save power, they last much longer. The cost on LED bulbs has come down significantly in the past few years and they are now cost-effective with a reasonable return-on-investment when energy efficient solar panels are installed.

4) Insulate your roof – An insulated attic makes a big difference to your energy bills. Reflective aluminum can also be installed for additional savings.  Energy efficient solar panels on the south side of your home’s roof will also keep the sun from beating directly down in those areas, where it heats up your attic and your home.  Therefore, your energy efficient solar panels will make electricity in the summer and can further reduce the heating up of your home.

5) Shut room doors and close curtains and vents – Cooling and heating your whole house can be expensive. With energy efficient solar panels, when possible, shut bedroom and other room doors to areas you are not using and only cool and heat the rooms you spend the most time in.  Make sure your curtains or blinds are closed as well and that room vents are shut to prevent the heating and cooling of those closed rooms.

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